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The 'Relatives' site was created to run a family archive on the basis of a family tree. The peculiarity of our site can be attributed the possibility of combining tree trees with the consent of the participants and the possibility of continuing to work with the family archive descendants.

It may happen that you have already been included in the database by your relatives. In this case, you have not set a password and for the first login you will need to specify the data of the parents. After a successful login, you can edit your data, including the password for the next login.

Using the site for free. Security is provided by using a secure connection, which you can verify by checking the presence of 'https:' in the address bar of the browser.

If you do not want to keep your archive on the Internet, then you can use our program with similar capabilities for a personal computer with the Windows operating system. You can download it at:

With the full text of the agreement you can find out by clicking on the link: Agreement

The main points of this agreement are as follows:
  • You enter data only about yourself and your relatives. Start with yourself, and then add ancestors and descendants.
  • Names and surnames are entered by those that were at birth . The first letter is uppercase, and the other lowercase letters. The date of birth can be indicated by an interval if you do not know the exact date.
  • You agree to maintain your email address up to date to contact you.
  • By law, we are the operator of personal data and, in order to avoid claims from the authorities, it is required that you acknowledge your own and other data entered by you, publicly available . This will mean that the list of activities for the protection of personal data is determined by the operator, that is, by us. Here it should be noted that we are sincerely interested in protecting the data of our users and with gratitude we will accept comments and recommendations of specialists in strengthening information security.

An investigation of the Romanovs' pedigree can be seen by going in as a user: Романов Федор Никитич, Jan 1, 1550, password: 11111111